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The challenge of being a Director or Board means you take ultimate responsibility for the health and safety of your organisation; therefore, understanding exactly what is expected in a governance role is vital.

The changes to the duty of company officers under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 is new and different. It has caused some confusion and there is a general lack of understanding in what due diligence means and how to achieve this. The principles of health and safety governance are no different than any other aspect of a governance role. Good health and safety governance is about having a demonstrable plan and a pro-active approach to making the workplace as safe as it can be.

Fundamentally Directors and Boards should build their understanding of the risks of the operation and put these risks into perspective. Board should then look at health and safety from a strategic view point and leave senior management to implement operational specifics.

Avid Plus has a range of options available to Directors which includes:

One on one mentoring

Health and safety training

Development of a stand-alone Health and Safety Governance system

Advisory role to the Board

Involvement with a Health and Safety Annual Review of the company

Undertaking company health and safety assessments/audits on behalf of the Board

Assisting board members with their due diligence plans

Governance is the expertise of Rob McColl; with 20+ years of practical understanding of how an effective health and safety management system should operate and combined with practical board experience. Contact Avid Plus to further understand what is expected in a governance role.

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