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Invest in yourself and business by engaging health and safety consultants to leverage the in-depth knowledge of all things health and safety related; ensuring that you create a safe workplace for you and your team.

Health and safety risks can significantly affect businesses; effective management of these functions is vital in reducing the likelihood of workplace injury and assists to create a sustainable healthy working environment. Added to this the introduction of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 companies can no longer be complacent about health and safety.

You need robust health and safety systems put in place which are defined, interrelated across different functions, and provide company-wide processes for easier management. However, you might need assistance to achieve this. Working with a qualified Avid Plus consultant means you get focused health and safety expertise for workable health and safety procedures, ensuring you get the solutions you need.

The Avid Plus team provides a full range of health and safety services across New Zealand including:

General health and safety support

Audit assessments - audit standards (4801, 9001, 14001 etc.), codes of practice, procedures

AEP / ACC Fleet Saver / ACC Fleet Rental

Accident and investigation management

Duty holder review support

Industrial hygiene

Hazardous substances management

Health and safety governance

Leadership for health and safety


Health and safety administration services

Procedures and documents

Injury management and rehabilitation

Contact us to find out about our full range of health and safety consultancy services across New Zealand.

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